Crafting Artistry

"I identify existing skills and look at products, deconstruct what they have and reconstruct it in a more modern contemporary approach using the same traditional skills. I choose and co-ordinate the colours but give our rural artisans a free hand in designing the pattern so they can inject their own artistic style to each piece. I feel it is important to let them apply their own creativity and in doing so inculcate a sense of pride and ownership not just a manufacturing process."

- Rosemarie Wong, Owner of The Ranee of Sarawak -

Corporate Gifting Service

The Ranee of Sarawak takes pleasure in offering hand picked gift sets of curated essentials: Community produce and handmade gifts we feel represent the best of Sarawak!

A selection of Artisanal offerings, you can mix and match for various gifting occasionsContact us for more information or download our Corporate Gifting catalogue to view the selection.

Tel: +60 10 229 2527

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T: +6082-258777 


Where We Are

The Ranee Artisan Gallery

@ The Marian Boutique Lodging House

27 Wayang Street
93000 Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia

The Ranee Artisan Gallery

@ The Ranee Boutique Suites

6 & 7 Main Bazaar
93000 Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia

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