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A traditional rice wine, made from fermented glutinous rice,

yeast, water and sugar, indigenous to the natives of the Borneo

state of Sarawak, Malaysia. A month to brew, it is a popular drink 

among the Dayaks during ceremonial and special occasions.


The Ranee Tuak

The Ranee Tuak is home brewed by fourth generation brewers,

originating from the village of Banting, in the sub district of

Lingga, Sri Aman division, Sarawak. From a small fishing 

village, Lingga was developed into a bustling town by the White

Rajahs during the British colonial era.


The Ranee Tuak is carefully home brewed using traditional 

rituals and methods that ensure its fine quality. It is a light golden 

colour when bottled and gradually matures to dark honey 

as its flavours develop a more complex richness with subtle hints 

of caramel and butterscotch.


The Ranee Tuak is wonderful as an aperitif or a dessert drink 

and is best served chilled.


We hope you will enjoy it as much as the brewers have enjoyed 

making it for four generations.



Glutinous rice, yeast, ginger, water & sugar


Content: 1500ml

Alcohol Content: 8.04% (approx)

Tuak - Original (1500ml)

SKU: FBTK00003
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