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This table mat is a fine example of using traditional mat-weaving techniques but in a modern, practical material more relevant to life today.


Deep in the rural Betong division of Sarawak, in a longhouse nestled amidst pepper plantations, a group of Iban women artisans ply their craft. Here, they consciously preserve, revive and often reinvent the timeless art of weaving in a bid to enhance their livelihoods.


Traditionally woven from natural Rattan or Bemban harvested from the jungle, these fibres are no longer readily available to these ladies who mostly remain at home looking after their children and elders.


These table mats are woven with a box-strap polymer material, which is easily accessible to this community and sold at the local market, creating a unique fusion of old and new.


Your support towards this project is a true gesture of appreciation for Sarawak’s fine crafts and a contribution towards sustainability and improving the livelihoods of our rural communities.

Set of 2, Reversible

Material: Polymer box straps

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth / Gently wash and dry thoroughly

Tablemats -Yellow/Camel/White

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