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Borneo Spirits & Tuak Tales, a procession of narrative stories about people, places, and events in Borneo, the vast island that includes the sprawling Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesia’s expansive Kalimantan, and tiny Brunei. Each narrative is inspired by a cocktail, such as the “Harrisson’s Heartbreak”, an attractive red cocktail named for British adventurer Tom Harrisson who served in Borneo during WWII and led efforts afterward to save the orangutan, green sea turtle, and other endangered species on the island.


Written by Nikki Lugun with mixologist extraordinaire, Diego Michelato, Borneo Spirits & Tuak Tales is a quality 135-page hardback book, each recipe in it allotted a full page to list the ingredients, preparation and service methods, and tell the story behind the name. Every cocktail is also beautifully presented and photographed with such colour and clarity, you could be forgiven for wanting to sip directly from the page.

Book- Borneo Spirits & Tuak Tales

RM 130.00Harga
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